Mentored Cardiac CTA Cases with Cath Correlations

Amery Medical Academy offers 50 to 100 mentored Cardiac CT Angiography cases with expert interpretations by Dr. Matthew Budoff. Each Cardiac CTA case has corresponding catheterization images. All cases are accompanied by detailed history and results for CTA and Cath. These are DICOM data sets that can be played on your CT workstation for manipulation and practice at your own convenience and pace. Cases include native coronary arteries, coronary artery disease, stents, coronary anomalies, congenital anomalies and bypass grafts. These cases count towards the "Minimum Number of Mentored Examinations Interpreted" according to the ACCF/AHA Clinical Competence Statement on Cardiac CT and MR (Budoff et al, JACC 46:2005; 383-402).

Independent Case Review of 50 to 100 Mentored Cardiac CT Angiography Cases with Catheterization Correlations Purchase Now

DICOM data set with expert interpretation and invasive angiograms on each case included

$599 for 50 cases    or    $999 for 100 cases


  • Use towards attaining Level 2 or 3 certification (counted as minimum number of mentored exams interpreted)
  • Use to maintain Level 2 and 3 competency by SCCT (requires 50 and 100 cases per year respectively)
  • Use to fulfill criteria for Certification Board for Cardiac CT (CBCCT - requires at lest 50 cases within 1 year)
  • Excellent quality Cath and CTA Correlation cases
  • Expert over-reads
  • DICOM data sets are provided on a high-speed USB drive
  • Requires a Cardiac CT workstation to read DICOM data sets

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